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Breeders Guidelines

Breeders Guideline

  1. Breed only purebred dogs, registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) or registered with a kennel club recognized by the CKC (and thus eligible for CKC registration).
  2. Breed only dogs in excellent health. These are dogs who have thrived from birth and who have consistently maintained good weight and physical condition.
  3. Breeding stock shall be x-rayed and evaluated free of hip dysplasia. Dogs over the age of two years shall be certified free of hip dysplasia by a recognized veterinary radiologist (such as the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), other recognized veterinary colleges, or the Orthopaedic Foundation of America (OFA).
  4. Breeding stock should be routinely (a minimum of every two years during breeding years) examined free of Progressive Retinaly Atrophy (PRA) and other significant hereditary eye disorders. Ideally, examination will include certification by a certified veterinary opthalmologist. Alternatively, examination by dilation (but without certification) should be performed by a qualified veterinarian.
  5. Before each breeding, a bitch should have blood and urine tests to screen for Protein Losing Enteropathy (PLE) and/or Protein Losing Nephropathy (PLN). Dogs at stud should have blood and urine tests annually (at a minimum) to screen for PLE and PLN. These pre-breeding tests should include:
    1. Preliminary urinalysis. Elevated protein levels or abnormal specific gravity results warrant further testing.
    2. Urinalysis to determine the protein-creatinine ratio. This value should be determined on the supernatant.
    3. Full urinalysis with sediment examination to clarify whether protein in the urine is due to urinary tract infection or other reasons.
    4. Blood chemistry work to determine protein, creatinine and BUN (blood-urea- nitrogen) levels, and any additional chemistry screening recommended by your veterinarian.
  6. Breeding stock shall be free from internal and external parasites.
  7. Typically, test for brucellosis prior to breeding.
  8. Breeding stock should conform to the breed standard and exhibit no disqualifying faults. The dog’s or bitch’s conformation should be evaluated by more than one qualified person, preferably by showing the dog to his/her Championship.
  9. Breeding stock shall have sound temperament, as described by the breed standard.
  10. A bitch shall not be bred before 18 months of age or before her third season. Ideally, a bitch should not be bred before two years of age, and should have only one litter in a twelve month period. Breed to only one male at each heat. After each litter, the breeder should assess the breeding, pregnancy, whelping and mothering instinct exhibited by the bitch before breeding her again.
  11. A dog should not be used at stud before twelve months of age. When selecting a stud dog, it is prudent to assess his mature characteristics and the quality of his offspring. These traits are not usually apparent until as stud dog is about three years of age or older.
  12. Keep precise breeding records including the registered names and registration numbers of the sire and dam, the date of breeding, the date of whelping, and the number and sex of surviving puppies (on the date of the “Application for Registration of a Litter Born in Canada”).
  13. “Application for Registration of a Litter Born in Canada” should be sent to the CKC as soon as possible in order that the individual registrations for the puppies can be processed. As per the Animal Pedigree Act, individual dogs must be registered within six months of the date of sale.
  14. When using foreign-registered stud dogs, not registered with the CKC, additional paperwork must be completed before the litter can be registered in Canada. Refer to the CKC “Application for Registration of a Litter Born in Canada” for details.
  15. Excellent books on breeding are available and are highly recommended as references for breeders. Dogs in Canada is a good source of mail order materials of this type if they are not readily available in your area.
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