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June 2020

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Covid-19 and the Family Dog

Oban June 2020Since January 2020 to June 1st less than 20 dogs have tested positive for Covid-19 globally. It is extremely rare that dogs will contract the virus nor are they likely to spread the disease. In most of the confirmed dog cases it was determined that one or both adults in the home either had tested positive for Covid-19 or had displayed symptoms of Covid-19. It has been noted, that if dogs do contract Covid-19, it usually is a very mild respiratory infection and is easily treatable.
Keeping Pets safe during the pandemic
Preparation in advance is a key factor. We all know the benefit of having an Emergency kit for people and pets in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster. So too, we should prepare a kit for our dogs if we were to be quarantined as the result of an epidemic. The kit should include at least two weeks of food and any needed medications.
Here are some other good practices to follow with your dogs. It is important not to let your dogs interact with people or dogs outside your household. Avoiding dog parks and other heavily used dog spaces right now is advisable. While on trails be cognizant of public distancing with people and dogs. Remember to wash your hands often. Continue with good hygiene practices and if you feel that you have any symptoms avoid contact as much as possible with your dog. If that is impracticable, then wear a mask and wash your hands a great deal while tending to your dogs needs.
Even though these are good practices, it is very important to remember that during this pandemic there is no concrete evidence at this time that animals play a significant role in spreading the Covid virus. The information from the CDC and other Veterinary agencies, clearly state that the risk of animals spreading the Covid-19 to humans is considered to be extremely low. Accordingly, there is no reason to remove pets from the household.
During this pandemic, it is important for families to remember that there is a role that humans and dogs play in each others lives. We need support and affection from our dogs, and the dogs expect reciprocation. If you have concerns about the well being of your pet, please contact your veterinarian.
Stay well and healthy and hug your pets often! It really is good therapy!

Until next time.

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