This is an edited list of CKC titles; it shows only the titles SCWT are eligible for.

Conformation Titles – the dog is judged against its breed standard for its conformation, movement and how well it exemplifies the breed.

CH – Champion: A dog must obtain 10 points from various judges against other dogs of its breed to obtain its Championship
GCH – Grand Champion: a championship plus 20 points received at breed level for Best of Breed, Best Opposite Sex, Select Dog or Select Bitch
GCHEX – Grand Champion Excellent: a Grand Championship plus a minimum of 100 points, which must include 1 (one) Best In Show or a Best of Breed at a Breed National Specialty Show (where a minimum of 10 dogs have competed) or, a Best in Multiple Breed Specialty Show (with at least 4 breeds represented) plus three Group Firsts or three Breed Specialty wins must be earned plus a CKC performance title excluding CGN or Herding Tested.
BIS – Best In Show: awarded to the top dog judged the best at a conformation show against all dog competing.
RBIS – Reserve Best in Show: awarded to the dog judged reserve to the Best in Show dog.
BISS – Best in Specialty Show: awarded to the dog judged the best at a conformation single breed show
BPIS – Best Puppy in Show: awarded to the puppy (aged 6-12 months) judged the best against all other puppies at a conformation show
BBPIS – Best Baby Puppy in Show: awarded to the baby puppy (aged 3-6 months) judged the best against all other baby puppies at a conformation show

Obedience Titles – titles that you achieve points on how well your dog responds to certain commands and obstacles as well as retrieving tests and heeling exercises.

PCD – Pre-Companion Dog
CD – Companion Dog
CDI – Companion Dog Intermediate
CDX – Companion Dog Excellent
UD – Utility Dog
UDX – Utility Dog Excellent
OTCH – Obedience Trail Champion
OTCHX – Obedience Trail Champion Excellent
MOTCH – Master Obedience Trail Champion
GMOTCH- Grand Master Obedience Trail Champion Obedience

RN – Rally Novice
RA – Rally Advanced
RE – Rally Excellent
RAE – Rally Advanced Excellent

Agility Titles – dogs competing over a course of various obstacles as swiftly as possible

AgN – Agility Novice
AgI – Agility Intermediate
AgX – Agility Excellent
AgMX – Agility Master Excellence
AgNJ – Agility Novice Jumper
AgIJ – Agility Intermediate Jumper
AgXJ – Agility Excellent Jumper
AgMXJ – Agility Master Excellent Jumper
AgMCH – Agility Master Champion
AgNS – Agility Novice Selected
AgIS – Agility Intermediate Selected
AgXS – Agility Excellent Selected
AgMXS – Agility Master Excellent Selected
AgNJS – Agility Novice Jumper Selected
AgNJS – Agility Intermediate Jumper Selected
AgXJS – Agility Excellent Jumper Selected
AgMXJS – Agility Master Excellent Jumper Selected
AgMCHS – Agility Master Champion Selected
AgNV – Agility Novice Veterans
AgIV – Agility Intermediate Veterans
AgXV – Agility Excellent Veterans
AgMXV – Agility Master Excellent Veterans
AgNJV – Agility Novice Jumper Veterans
AgIJV – Agility Intermediate Jumper Veterans
AgXJV – Agility Excellent Jumper Veterans
AgMXJV – Agility Master Excellent Jumper Veterans

Herding Titles – dogs are judged on their ability to work with livestock and herd them

HT – Herding Tested
HS – Herding Started
HI – Herding Intermediate
HA – Herding Advanced
HTT – Herding Tending Tested
HTS – Herding Tending Started
HTI – Herding Tending Intermediate
HTA – Herding Tending Advanced
HX – Herding Excellent
HCHA – Herding Champion Arena
HCHS – Herding Champion Stock Dog
HCHT – Herding Champion Tending

SDS – Stock Dog Started
SDI – Stock Dog Intermediate
SDA – Stock Dog Advanced

Miscellaneous Titles

CGN – Canine Good Neighbour: a series of tests to determine if a dog is well trained and obedient in public.
TD – Therapy Dog
TDI – Therapy Dog International
TT – Temperament Tested: the dog must pass certain tests that indicate if it has a stable temperament.

Performance Placement Titles
HIT – High in Trial: the dog that performs the best at an obedience trail


Awards and Titles outside of CKC and AKC.

Trick Dog Performance Title