Osborne_pupDo dogs make this world a better place? Does your Wheaten make your world better? Has your Wheaten helped you get through this difficult time of Covid-19? My response to all three questions is an affirmative ‘yes’!

Dogs have always been a big part of my life. At the age of 5, we got our first family dog. He was part of my life until the age of 22. He was my playmate and confidant. He saw me and my three siblings through the awkward teen years, providing unconditional love, unlimited attention and a soft ear to wipe our tears on. In my late 20’s, after a chance encounter with a local owner, my husband and I fell in love with a medium sized, good-tempered terrier with a soft, wavy coat. We did our research, and learned that Wheatens are a happy, sporting terrier who are spirited, affectionate, intelligent and game. We knew that was the dog for us!

Little did we know at that time how much our lives would change after opening up our hearts and our home to our first Wheaten. One Wheaten soon led to another, then to a third. Our days were busy and our hearts were full. While we were busy training our Wheatens how to be good canine citizens, they were teaching us about love, patience, commitment, and responsibility. I loved seeing the world through their eyes. We also learned to expect the unexpected. Wheatens love to have fun and never want to miss out on a good time!

After thirty years of loving this breed, our Wheatens continue to make my world better. They give me purpose each and every day. I value the simple gifts they bring into my life, especially during these times of uncertainty. While we are told to stay home and minimize human interaction, I continue to explore my community with my dogs. Every day is a new adventure, made up of small moments that bring joy to my heart. We love to see the wildlife in the park, dogs in our neighbourhood and the stars at night. Whether my four Wheatens know it or not, they are my healers, teachers, friends and co-workers. They are my loyal companions, who never hold a grudge. They are my protectors when my husband is away. They make me forget that the world is sick right now, providing a much needed distraction from the daily news. Perhaps it is for these reasons that so many dogs in rescues and humane societies have found homes during these times of covid. What a lovely consequence to these trying times.

I am not sure what my life would have been like if I had not opened my heart to the wonderful world of Wheatens. They have been an unwavering constant in my life for thirty years. They have definitely made my world better and my heart bigger!

— Barbara Osborne / Saskatchewan Regional Director, SCWTAC