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Getting into a New (Old) Schedule

Fall Wheaten
Now that we are getting into the new school year and more and more people are returning to their work schedules, consideration must be given to our canine family members.

For the past six months most of us have been sheltered in our homes spending most of our time with our loved ones, including spending more time with our four-legged family members.

Before getting into our work mode and school mode it would be a good idea to get your four-legged family members used to being alone for longer periods of time by going out and gradually increasing your time away until you are all comfortable with the new (old) schedule.

If you will be away for several hours each day, it would be a great idea to have someone come in to take your s’Wheatie for a walk a couple of times during the day. Again, familiarize yourself and your s’Wheatie with this person before he/she comes into your home to take your s‘Wheatie for walks.

Fall is an incredibly beautiful season in Canada, specifically the Ottawa area. We all want to be outdoors as much as possible while this incredible weather is with us.

Wishing you a pot o’ gold,
And all the joy your heart can hold

Jacquie Holowka
Director Ontario East

March 2023
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